The COVID-19 pandemic shuttered school doors across the country, leaving students and parents to adjust to a new way of life - virtual learning. Not only did students need to take on the responsibility of learning at home, without the presence of face-to-face teachers, they also lost contact with the outside world due to lockdowns and social distancing requirements.

For almost two years, youth lost contact with friends, in-person interactions with caring school staff, and extracurricular activities. These major life changes, coupled with isolation, took a toll on students’ mental and emotional wellness.

In a society where young people were already experiencing higher than normal rates of depression and anxiety, the pandemic exacerbated the problem. With their mental health depreciating, their intellectual gains also suffered. Without the guidance of their teachers in a face-to- face, structured, school environment, many students just couldn’t keep up. With the return to school, students will have to play catch up, and will also have to adjust to life back “in the building”.

As much as they may have missed their teachers, friends, clubs and sports, and wanted to get back to school as they know it, being away for such a lengthy period of time took a toll on young people. The adults in their lives need to provide a method to help along their readjustment.

One method is Lessonbee. Our personalized health education platform, which builds social-emotional skills by providing comprehensive physical and mental health education to students, both at school and at home.

Lessonbee teaches youth to manage and nurture their health independently - by providing the information they need and are curious about, in a relatable content manner, which includes interactive responses, knowledge checks, and reflections. Lessonbee develops stories that include a variety of cultural references and celebrates diversity in all aspects, facilitating deep trust-building.

Studies have shown that students who receive mental health education do better academically, have improved classroom behavior, an increased ability to manage stress and depression, and have better attitudes about themselves, others and school. After the traumatic experience of being pulled out of their traditional style of learning, don’t we owe it to our K-12 students to afford them the right to comprehensive health education?

Educators can utilize Lessonbee to inspire youth to take charge of their mental health and set them up for success. Our platform is easy to use and seamlessly integrates with ClassLink, Google Classroom, and Schoology. Browse our array of mental and physical health topics and see for yourself the breadth of topics covered. Lessonbee courses are meant to be used anywhere. Educators can use the platform to engage parents by teaching them the benefits of social-emotional wellness, the impact it will have on their child, and the ease of using Lessonbee at home to have important conversations with their children.  

Support your students’ transition back to in-person learning by providing them with the tool they need to take charge of their mental health. Try Lessonbee today.

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